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Room Makeover
By: Nigar
Whenever we need a little style boost, we tend to look into our wardrobes, but the truth is, your living space is as much a reflection of your personal taste as the clothes we wear. So, why not make your room as bright and pretty as you are? :)
A makeover doesn’t mean you have to change your whole room, we’re talking about room accessories, moving furniture and placing things that make you happy. So here are the best tricks to make your space your own. 
The Bed
Sometimes it’s good to move your bed to another spot in your room so try it for once, it will make you feel good. Whether you spend your time there sleeping, checking Facebook, or convincing yourself you can study buried under a blanket, your bed is prime real estate. It’s best to have a duvet and duvet cover than an all-in-one comforters because they’re quite cheap and comfortable. White duvet covers are probably the nicest for everyone. It gives a fresh and chic look and you can always put cozy blankets to add color to your bed. And to finish it off, buy cute pillows in different prints and shapes. 
The Wardrobe
Getting a complete new closet is probably too expensive but a clothes rack is even better! They’re payable (if you still can’t pay it you could sell your old closet if it’s in good condition) and what makes them so amazing is that it shows off your personal style because you see all your clothes! You can get great ones at Ikea. If you want to keep your closet you could still decorate it with cute boxes, candles, books etc. 
The Walls
It’s probably also too expensive and a lot of work to repaint your walls so we have some ideas to spice up your walls without spending too much money! I personally still think it’s best to have white walls so your room won’t look too busy with the other decoration and it looks fresh. If your budget’s flexible, buy different sizes of frames to put photo’s of people who you love or inspire you. If you’re arty you could make cool paintings to hang in your room- it’s cheap and you can make them in your style so it fits your room. If you love traveling you could get a big map of the world and pin the places you’ve been with flags or needles. And nowadays you can use super handy things like these picture-hanging strips if you want to hang something on your walls. 
The Bathroom
If you’re lucky enough to have your own bathroom, it’s still hard to buy things for it that are cheap and still look cute. Forget bathroom storage sets, they’re pricey and unnecessary. Instead look at vintage stores or flea markets because they have great options like makeup drawers, mason jars, mirrors etc. Also, matching towels are pretty expensive so it’s best to get one big bath sheet in one color for yourself and a regular-sized one in another color for your hair or if you have guest. You’ll have enough towels for your shower ritual and a set for when you have a friend over. 
The Extras
If you have a lot of books and a bookshelf you can organize your books to make it more interesting. You can decorate the top of your bookshelf with things like your fave shoes, sunglasses, candles and some office supplies. Rugs are also great to cozy up your room and they don’t have to be expensive. Ikea has some good ones and they’re not too pricey. 
Lookout for unique things you might bump into when you get to new places. Something cheap and simple can make your room look really cute! Also a gorgeous coffee table looks really cozy in your room and is really handy! You can get great ones at vintage stores or Ikea. You can put plants, books and candles on it to make it even cuter. 
But after all, the best decorating tip is to simply buy the things you like. Fill your space with what you love, and it’ll be more of a home than anyone’s Pinterest board could hope for :)